Off Road Rover under DDOS attack

Off Road Rover under DDOS attack

Unfortunately we may have had to block some good traffic to survive a DDOS attack which is unfortunately on-going.  Please pardon any throttling or blocks right now as we persevere through this attack.  We have removed alpha functionality at this point to preserve up-time.


Thanks and Happy Easter!

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Air Springs Leaking – on bump stops – raising slowly – suspension fault 30 MPH max – Cheap Air springs

Air Springs Leaking – on bump stops – raising slowly – suspension fault 30 MPH max – Cheap Air springs

UPDATE: Bilstien has doubled the price of their airsprings!


How can I tell if my air springs are leaking? Why is my air suspension on bump stops?  These are common question on many Range Rover forums.   To make this post get to the point the most common failure for RR air suspension will be the front airsprings. The struts are not controlled by the air suspension, but dampen the air bags which replace regular springs.  Adaptive Dynamic struts are also not controlled by air but by ferromagnetic fluid and a computer which controls the viscosity of the fluid via magnetic field.


If you suddenly find your truck on bump stops it, is almost assuredly one of the two front airsprings went.  “but the whole car is on bump stops”  The computer will lower all four corners to bump stops once it has found an airspring leaking, although sometimes just the front or rear will drop.


There is a whole bunch of wallet hurt if you try to raise an airsuspension that is leaking because the air compressor wasn’t built for that and it might throw a hard code that only special LR focused computers can clear — autozone won’t help you here… In short if you try to raise your truck and hear some clanking in the back it is the air compressor killing itself.


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Is Selling a Car With Bank Transfer Safe — Not Necessarily

On Full Fat RR today someone asked if it was safe to sell a car with a bank transfer, the short answer is no.  One of the most common scams is when someone doesn’t wire money but instead deposits a check in another branch, or deposits an echeck those both can later bounce.  In fact you can withdraw the whole amount and put it into another account, but if it’s a bad check you will be responsible to repay that even out of another account (in the USA).

The best way to do this is with a cashiers check at a bank.  A wire transfer should be positively confirmed a wire transfer as they can electronic check can appear the same way.



  1. Keep the title, but release car, until the echeck, deposit to another branch, or “wire” clears or until you can positviely verify the transaction was a wire and not a deposit or e check.
  2. Internet escrow and wiring payment to pay for a car is almost always a scam.
  3. The more you can do at the bank the better, from meeting, cashing the check of the buyer (out of their account) and taking cash directly from bank, the better in my opinion.




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Range Rover Autobiography vs Range Rover Westminster

Range Rover Autobiography vs Range Rover Westminster


In the UK Range Rover Autobiography initially meant a Range Rover was spec’d and completed on their Special Vehicles line, then with the early L322 it meant a certain amount of owner customization, in 2010/09 Autobiography came in-line with the USA vernacular and represented the highest level trim outside of special editions and Autobiography Black, Ultimate, and SVAutobiography. This post mainly deals with the USA, North American Spec Autobiography and Westminster.

Westminster’s seem to feature contrasting two tone oxford leather vs the upgraded semi-aniline.  Range Rover Westminster seems to have different wheels and some leather on the center console, RSE and, 4 zone climate they also have additional wood on the shift knob.

Range Rover Autobiography seems to be a step above the Westminster and features a full leather dash and more leather all around including headliner after 2010.  They are so closely appointed its difficult to say one is better, Westminster’s seem to have more wood, Autobiographies more Leather. Range Rover

RR Westminster has half wood steering wheel, wood shifters & wood parking brake if possible, stainless steel steering wheel spokes, stainless pedals.  Range Rover Westminster feature unique wheels and are all supercharged in the USA.  They all have Rear Seat Entertainment, and 4 Zone Climate if applicable.  Some Range Rover Westminster’s have unique color combinations.

Range Rover Westminster seem to be limited to 300 per year and is available in Santorini Black or Stornoway Grey (at least for 09) but I have heard quotes of 500 per year.  The RR Westminster have the SC leather in a unique two-tone color combination.

Autobiography have upgraded Stereos standard.

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