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Tune2Air Review HK Logic 7 Range Rover

I giddily awaited the Tune2Air package.  After waiting months for a price drop and convincing myself I didn’t need bluetooth audio integration; I broke down and bought the $79-$89 Tune2Air from Amazon  and the Ipod 30-Pin Jaguar Land Rover interface cable for about $23. Overall, very happy with the purchase so […]

Road Trips

Range Rover Drive Denver to Sedona, AZ

This is one of the great “drives” in the world.  There’s nothing like being in the middle of gods country with a 4×4. It’s about a 12 hour trip through some of the most beautiful country in America. There are three ways to take the trip.  One is via i70 […]

Range Rover Off Road Trail Reports

Pennsylvania Gulch

Pennsylvania Gulch is at the end of Sugarloaf Mountain Road.  The part we ran was cool with uphill climbs horizontally inclined but the trail and trees are in such a way that they often brush against your car.  We ran the trail for about a mile before turning back (not easy […]