There are two types of systems at work in the Range Rover, those which you can select and those which are automatic.

Automatic off road Land Rover systems

  1. GAC
    1. Gradient Acceleratio Control Control can detect when the car is out of control and is at a loss of a traction and applies HDC automatically.  I can tell you this works!  I lost my ability to break down a mountain but GRC kept us able to steer down the 9000 foothill
  2. GRC
    1. Gradient Release Control, once the HDC is enabled Gradient Release Control allows “varied brake and accelerator pressure to achieve acceleration gradually and more smoothly”
  3. front and rear eLocker
    1. this is very good, Land Rover did a lot of work on this and it shows.
  4. 4ETC or 4 wheel Traction Control an oldie but goodie, if you keep your foot on the gas approaching low traction the wheels will slip but the Range Rover will attempt to use breaks on the wheels with no traction to send that amount of traction the the opposite open differential.
  5. Sand Launch Control
    1. Limits slip at first but then increases slip threshold to maintain forward progress once moving.
  6. Adaptive Dynamics
    1. This adjusts the dampening of the shocks.  As a rule Range Rovers are designed to be driven very slowly off road in a manner to protect the truck.
    2. Land Rover off road Motto “As Slow as Possible as Fast as Necessary”
  7. Hill Start Assist
    1. Automatically keeps brake pressure until forward momentum is achieved to prevent incidental backing up.
    2. Hill Start Assist I believe also locks up the elockers though this hasn’t been publicly confirmed
  8. Air Suspension Extended and Super Extended mode



Selectable off road Land Rover systems

  1. HDC
    1. On/Off
    2. Target Speed with CC
    3. GRC is enabled automatically when HDC is selected
  2. Low Range, Gears
    1. Low 3rd for hill ascent
    2. Low 1st for hill descent provided enough traction
    3. Paddle Shifters are recommended and can be retrofitted if not use the gear shift to specify the gear to be held
    4. unlike many transmissions the Land Rover implementations will also hold up gear, e.g. 3rd is 3rd not up to 3rd.
  3. Air Suspension height
  4. Terrain Response– Read our Terrain Response Review
  5. DSC
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