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G-wagon vs Range Rover On Road

Recently I considered purchasing a 2013 G550 with a tick under 60k miles on the clock. Aki has been really good to me buying a CLS at EuroMotor Cars Bethesda I should thank for the opportunity. Immediately I was intrigued because the G wagons kept the naturally aspirated engines longer […]

Audio, Upgrades

Range Rover Stereo Upgrade Custom Crossovers

When I began to upgrade the 2006 L322 Range Rover Stereo with an aftermarket amp, I initially went with an off the shelf cross over system. Later I built a set of speakers for my home office (post coming), and learned how to build crossovers. Building crossovers is actually really […]


Range Rover vs Jaguar F-Type

In the previous Avalon vs Range Rover post I concluded the Range Rover is a fantastic truck or car and when you have another car the issues are minimized.  In this post I’m going to look at the Jaguar F-Type vs the Range Rover.  Since Ford ownership Jaguar and Land […]


Range Rover versus Toyota Avalon (ES350)

I’ve seen more than one person on the Range Rover forums go from an Range Rover to an Avalon.  Usually from an older out of warranty Rover to a newer Toyota.  I pondered it for a bit.  TBH I picked up a Toyota Avalon as well as sort of an […]