In my early 20s I had a great job interview.  The economy was shitty so I was looking forward to going to it.  I had a Range Rover p38a on 33″ BFG AT tires, which were great offroad but I had a slow leak from slamming one of the rims into a rock.

On my way to the job interview my bad tire/wheel lost its air.  So I changed it BUT I had only 4 33″ tires, the other was the standard 28.x” size tire.  I thought it would be fine…. It was not.

The car was underivable, I had to drive to a tire shop that was close and just have them repair the 33″ tire because the car was completely unstable and unhappy with different size tires.  The computers were having a fit, the center locker was having a fit, the differentials were upset.  It was not good.

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