There is nothing quite like having a trusted Land Rover mechanic if you need help beyond your capabilities or time constraints.

I will try to start a list here of Land Rover Independent Mechanical Shops.  Please feel free to add to the list by commenting (only if they have Rovacom and a LR Master Certified Mechanic).

  1. MD/DC/VA
    1. Overland Rover & 4×4 in Alexandria VA
    2. Independent British in Bethesda, MD 
  2. CO
    1. JC Rovers & 4×4/ JC British & 4×4
      1. If you have diff service done make sure breather tubes are reinstalled.
    2. Autowerks East
      1. Mechanic Brandon B. directly
  3. Queensland Australia
  4. California, USA
    1. Carlsbad British Motorcars
      1. These guys are great, same day emergency service before a road trip back to CO.
  5. Gloucestershire
      1. Forum sponsor and contributor to, Range Rover and Auto Enthusiast “Cam-Tech-Craig”, said nice things about this blog once.