Range Rover autobiography represents the highest line available in America and a customizable version in Europe.   I’m going to focus on the US Range Rovers here

Engine and Drivetrain

All Range Rover Autobiographies in the US are Supercharged.  Whereas the Autobiography represents an option package only available on the Supercharged models. So both Autobiography and Supercharged Range Rovers run on the same engine and drivetrain.

Exterior Design

Although the original 2009 Range Rover Autobiography had very few differences versus the Supercharged, the later models and Autobiography variants did show some external differences.  The 2011 Range Rover Black Autobiography has a new grille and different side vents

The Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate also has running boards and quadrangle exhaust (at some point I think this was integrated to all Autobiographies maybe 2011?).  Range Rover Sport Autobiographies have more external differences with new front bumpers but seem to have less interior alterations.  Range Rover Sport Autobiography has less approach and departure angle than a normal sport.    Autobiographies also have unique premium diamond turned wheels.

Interior Design

The Range Rover Supercharged adds leather to various areas that the HSE doesn’t feature it, such as the upper dash (although this became standard on all models in 2009).  The Autobiography features 4 zone climate control (post 2010 ones have cooled, reclining rear seats) with 4 heated seats while this was an option for the Supercharged Range Rovers in 2008.

The Autobiographies have semi-aniline leather, 2 additional pieces of wood in the rear, more leather along the center console.  Compared to the Supercharged the Autobiographies have leather on the doors, the center dash, and lower dash and other various area such as some kick panels.  The RR Autobiography Black has “Range Rover Autobiography Black” inscribed on wood panels and other areas.

The Range Rover autobiography ultimate also has a 2+2 captains seats configuration with a champagne cooler in the rear center console. Range Rover Black Autobiographies have veneer that works in the namesake and feature two tone seating if I recall.  After 2010 Autobiographies have leather headliner which is a fairly big improvement along with fold down vanity mirrors in the rear and heated cooled reclining rear seats.

In one sentence the Autobiography has much more leather of upgraded variation (which seem to wear better than the normal leather).

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