Wiper Blades

are such a small thing, but this post can really apply to many small things.


Wiper Blades are one of those items where you have a huge option in price variance, according to consumer reports, the cheapest perform as well as the most expensive as long as they are changed often.  I find blades (vs traditional wipers) work a bit better on the L322 at high speeds as the wipers tend to lift at about 80mph. ( While 80MPH is illegal on much of the east coast, it is the speed limit throughout much of the desert and west. )

I would go to RockAuto.com and pick up about 4 full sets of blades on sale for my L322.  They cost about $5 each and are easy to replace.  And I would replace them every six months to a year to keep that streak free shine.

I am stickler for a clean windshield, so cleaning your windshield off at each gas stop will help the blades work better by ensuring good content.  I lift the blades up so debris falls off the blades.

Getting blades or windshield wipers replaced by a dealer can cost a lot whether you drive a P38a or L405 getting blades at rock auto and changing them out yourself makes a lot of sense.  I also want to disclose this is not a sponsored post, rock auto does have great prices on wiper blades, and brakes.


Brakes are another thing where keeping on top of your pads will make a big difference down the line.  I would replace your brake pads every 2 years or earlier.  Get cheap pads from rock auto and just replace them.  Pads are so easy to replace it’s important to stay on-top of them because the rotors on the Rover are a bit more difficult, especially the rears which have the parking drum built in.

If your truck has clunks it can be due to a few things but often it is the ball joints and just tightening the roll bars.  ball joints do go quite often on a rover.  This is another item where rock auto is great.  Picking up bump stops get all of them at once, switch out each link per side at the same time on a rack, you’ll be good to go and out the door with 1k more dollars in your pocket than a dealer.

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