The 2014 MY introduced the engine option in the USA as the SC-V6, replacing the NA 5.0L V8.  The SC-V8 is still offered and is quite a bit more powerful.  With the less is more marketing in full effect many believe the SC-V6 to be a suitable replacement with some forum members even saying there is no “practical reason for a SC-V8”.  Lets explore that assertion

  1. Capabilities
    1. The SC-V8 is needed to move a ~5,000lbs vehicle.  It provides more displacement allowing for more low end grunt which is important for offroading and towing as well as many other “SUV” related tasks.  The SC-V8 power will be noticeable from idle not just at wide open throttle.
      1.  There is a 2L advantage in displacement which affect not only maximum numbers but the whole power curve which will result in a vehicle much easier to drive in town or on the highway.
    2. The SC-V8 includes an upgraded drivetrain as standard:
      1. Bigger Brembo brakes, (if you like braking, especially on hills and fully loaded/towing, then these bigger brakes will make a difference, remember we are stopping nearly ~5k “wet” weight).
      2.  The V8 gets a 2speed electronically locking center differential.
        1. For towing, boat ramps and offroading this makes the difference between an ok offroader and a Range Rover (superlative offroader).
    3. The SC-V6 is more powerful than the NA 5.0 V8
      1. False
        1. The Naturally Aspirated 5L V8puts out 35 more hp and 42 more lbs/ft of torque.
          1. A significant bump in total power but also featuring more power across the whole RPM range which isn’t reflected in the numbers
    4. The SC-V6 is quieter
      1. False
        1. The V8 is smoother with two extra cylinders and as quiet if not quieter at full revs and is much quieter during daily driving due to the reduced need to hit higher RPMs to go “fast”
    5. The SC-V6 can tow as much as the SC-V8
      1. False
        1. Land Rover hasn’t significantly increased the stated towing capabilities in 20+ years.  These LR towing capacity numbers are low and are dictated by a litigious society.
          1. If you believe the Range Rover Sport 510 HP SC-V8 will only tow as much as a 1990s Range Rover 4.0SE with ~200hp and ~250 lbs/ft torque then yes they tow the same amount.
        2. The SC-V8 has 160 more HP and 100 more lbs/ft torque over the SC-V6, bigger brakes, and a two speed transfer case all of which translate into better real world towing.
        3. The Towing Capacity of the RR and RRS SC-V8 is underrated, it can likely tow 7700 in high range perhaps more (although this is in no way suggesting you should tow that much/standard disclaimers apply).