Just read this blog post while surfing (is that still a term?) about how No One Actually Off-Roads a Range Rover. Apparently their next post is going to be about how No one dives using a Sea-Dweller.

If you’re reading this you probably already know that’s a ridiculous question that is designed for some clicks. but I’m going to push back a bit anyway.  Obviously people offroad Range Rovers.  That is their purpose.  Some people only use Range Rovers for driving “offroad”.  It’s been designed a car to take people places that are rough.. If you want further proof check out the forums for Range Rovers where even brand new V8 L405s are being taken offroad or given higher traction tread.

Some people will buy a Range Rover as a car.  Some people will buy a 50′ yacht and never spend the night on it too but people actually like boating, they like camping, they like offroading.  And seeing nature in a Range is a grand way to see it.

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