So Coco had intermittent popping or crackling out of her door woofers but most of the time the door woofer speakers wouldn’t play.

In a desperate rage of hope I took apart all of the rear electronics to look for corrosion issues in the connectors and sprayed everything down with wd-40 and added an additional “garbage bag” or “water shedder” for additional anti-rain support.  (I still have a bit of a water ingress issue but that is another post!)  This brought back the Satellite Radio System back online which works great now.

I also took apart the dash to look for “fuses” I kept reading about which could blow.  I then thought maybe it was bad speakers so I replaced some of the woofers with Infinity Reference 6030cs which fit the existing basket mounts perfectly.

After everything I believe the issue is caused by bad wiring to the door woofers which can get “smushed” by the door at the top near the window controls.  There are two ways to rectify this.  To rewire and ensure there is no compression or break down of the wires.  Which I have found to be difficult.  Or to disconnect the crackling speakers which allows the rest of the door woofers to play without interruption.