I eagerly awaited the IIDTool BT longer than anticipated due to a spring blizzard delay.  Once I got it I hooked it up to the Range Rover 2011 v8 Supercharger and I linked it to my ipad.  I had to activate the device so a separate internet device is recommended to login to GAP-Diagnostics website and then to “activate the product” to get an unlock code.  Luckily, I did not have to wait for the unlock code.

I also recommend using the second internet device to browse the IIDTool Instruction Manual.  I am no expert and I have many questions about the configuration capabilities and still do after reading it but it helped me understand how to for example reset my service interval light.  I also programmed a used key very quickly. I had to hold down the lock button a few times to synchronize the key.  The dash let me know the smart key battery was low so I swapped it out with another “BIOS” type battery referencing this youtube video.

The smart key worked right away.  Awesome.  I updated the CCF, it was more involved with the user to start the engine for 30 seconds then turn off the engine, then restart the engine.  Right off the bat I enabled fog lights to work with highbeams.  I never understood this restriction on an offroad truck!  Let’s take the argument why this should be disabled on any car — you shouldn’t be using high beams if someone can see the lights, so therefore if no one can see your highbeams, enabling the foglights shouldn’t hurt other motorists. I can confirm this works.

I also enabled the digital speed readout.  No more guessing your speed, or setting cruise control to 5 over when a cop is near you, you can actually look at exact speed quickly.  The digital speedo resides in the analog speedometer. I added a chirp for superlocking.

I tried to enable navigation on moving, but it did not work.  I disabled the seatbelt warning, I advocate the use of seatbelts but I like to put mine on at the first red light.

I then put the module on our 2006 Range Rover V8 and I could clear the service interval light quickly.  but I don’t think I could edit the light checking (to stop flashing on LEDs) or the TMPS spare monitoring.  I will buy another license for the iidtool bt for the 2006 as it would be nice to raise it for offroading. I would hope they lower the price on this as $87 seems a bit high.

Some questions I have: and will ask:

  • How do I upgrade the transmission ECU?
  • What is the difference between the different cruise control modes?
  • What does “Lost communication with parking assist module” mean?
  • What is global close?  Is this where I lock the car and the windows close?
  • How do I check exterior/interior blend motor actuation in live values?
  • Likely more…

Wait for pictures and screenies.