New Cooper LTZ Zeon’s

We put stock size 255/55/R19 Cooper LTZ Zeons on Coco the Conqueror, a 2006 Range Rover, yesterday.  Today we ran our first trail on the new tires, Barbour Fork at the end of Soda Creek Road in Idaho Springs, CO.  The trail was fun and more rugged than I was expecting.  With an easy to find trail head and lots of high flex uphill sections.

Barfour Fork, is about 9 miles and can be run in a loop (but not if people who decide that since they “own” some property around the trail that they own trail and block it– these people should be arrested, our tax dollars went into building and maintaining, I don’t care if your Koch or Broke those forest trails and forest service roads are paid for by and should be left open to the public). There were lots of rocky obstacles riddled with occasional roots.  This was definitely a fun trail and much more than a dirt road.

I would not have felt comfortable running Barfour Fork with the Dunlop Signature Sport SPs we had on before.  So the difference with the Cooper LTZ Zeons was even more pronounced.

The L322 is surprisingly good offroad. She flexes very well and the tires provided a solid base which didn’t tear while offering great traction.  On the trip there and back we were doing 75 up curvy sections of i70 and without airing down we drove highway, offroad, dirt trail, highway.  She felt great the whole way.  the tires may be slightly louder than the signature sports but overall they are more confidence inspiring around corners and provide more traction off the line and offroad.