If you were thinking about buying a Range Rover but were turned off by its smell, fear not there is a solution. Ozone generators can remove smoke, and other odors. These Ozone Generators put out dangerous amounts of O3 to breath though, and when used in a sealed car can burn out their catalyst.

Using an Ozone Generator you should supply it with fresh oxygen, some people “pipe it in” I would however put it in the trunk with the rear seats down and the tailgate open, and one of the front windows open. Turn on the cars Climate control and set to recirculate with the fan on medium speed or above. I would run the Ozone Generator for a set of 10 minutes at a time until the smell is diminished.

As mentioned Ozone is dangerous and if you run an ozone generator for 10 minutes, try not to get back in the car for another 10 minutes at least, but a factor of 2-4 is safer, i.e. if you run an ozone generator for 10 minutes don’t get back in the car for 30 minutes.

I put up a short video on TunedMercedes youtube here:

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