Range Rover Velar

I've been very busy, you could even say I was in jail if you will.  I will respond to comments and add some more pictures and media and posts soon.

There is a new Range Rover Coming, the Range Rover Velar, which is a name that goes back to the first road going Range Rover prototypes that were built under the name "Velar."

The Velar is going to sit between the Evoque and the Sport and is aggressively priced at $49,xxx.  The Velar is 189 inches and can wade up to 25".  I have been told the Velar is loosely based on the Discovery Sport with being about 9" longer I am not sure it is true however the wading depth is similar for the 340 hp V6.  Also new is the return of the Discovery I will do a write up of the Discovery and Discovery Sport on here soon.

This new Range Rover is very exciting and I think it will be a hit.  I will try to test drive one ASAP and perhaps get a more in-depth write up.  For now more thoughts on the Velar will be updated below.  I will reflect on the 4x4 system and more as I have time.

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