Land Rover Screen on? Bypass MOST Module. Check the rear left for water ingress, bypass module if neccessary.

Sitting in NJ traffic my girlfriend got water in the rear seat compartment rendering the radio, backup camera, and navigation useless with only a LR green oval and blinking light. Once we met back up I took apart every piece from the rear left compartment and sprayed all the connectors down with WD-40 and pieces of the internal parts (I'm not an expert none of this should be considered advice), and placed supplemental garbage bag water shedding device this time over the electrics.

I also noted the red light from the Bluetooth module was no longer blinking, so I bypassed it by looping the input thru the output using toslink fiber optic cables and duct tape. The duct tape does get too hot to hold the fiber optic connections in place though so I have to leave that connection outside of the electrics area. We are going to update the Bluetooth module to a later version with the help of a forum guys electrical splicing magic.

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