I giddily awaited the Tune2Air package.  After waiting months for a price drop and convincing myself I didn’t need bluetooth audio integration; I broke down and bought the $79-$89 Tune2Air from Amazon  and the Ipod 30-Pin Jaguar Land Rover interface cable for about $23. Overall, very happy with the purchase so far.  The install is painless, you connect the 30 pin ipod connector to the Tune2Air and the other end into the proprietary Jaguar Land Rover connector.  

Amazon delivered the cord on a sunday and the Tune2Air the following day.  So I got a chance to listen to the ipod integration cord direct to an iPad 3 and then the Ipod Integration cord to the Tune2Air.

Audio Impressions

Ipod Integration cord in surprisingly good!  Better quality then using the USB with a stick attached with similar file sizes.  The Harmon Kardon 7 immediately sounded flatter while retaining its warmth.

There was surprising response at high frequency levels that I have not heard the 720 Watt system reproduce through radio, cd, aux, or usb.

With the Bluetooth Streaming via Tune2Air a teeny tiny bit of the very high frequency response was not as articulated, as crisp as when plugged in with the ipod cable directly but overall the audio quality was excellent delivering a natural warm vinly like sound almost indescernable from the same songs played with the older Ipad 3 direclty connected.


Though the audio was slightly better directly connected, with the Tune2Air I can use my lightning connector iPhone wirelessly.  That is a huge difference in everyday usability.

The Steering wheel interface did work to control the music within playlists but I was initially unable to enumerate playlist and other track infromation.  Some current track information was displayed.

The second time I turned on the system my phone played automatically and the playlists loaded properly including apple radio stations.  Though it is important to underscore the tune2air will play whatever your iphone or ipod, or ipad is playing, whether it is Apple Music, youtube, amazon, etc.

The system is truly plug and play.  It is a pleasure on the ears and makes the whole system sound better, I would guess via better DSPs of the idevices.

If you have any issues connecting I would suggest connecting like it is an airplay device.

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