Tesla Model E caught test driving from LA to Vegas.

We took a Range Rover from LA to Las Vegas in late June in the middle of the day.  I thought we would be fine if we kept moving.  However, there was a lot of traffic!  We saw a towering thermometer with 119 degrees lit up, only two away from the top with 129 and 139 remaining.  There were ominous signs about turning off you air conditioning.  We kept our A/C on re-circulation the whole trip.


We ran into a hatchback with heavy camouflaging, a sure sign of a test bed  I am sure we caught a tesla model 3/e testing.



In the middle of the trip we started to hear a hiss from the air springs.   I prayed.  The airsprings didn’t throw a fault or lower so I believe it was an  over-pressure release caused by excessively hot road temperatures.


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