Our Range Rover’s audio, bluetooth, and navigation died one by one.  I had to bypass the bluetooth, the audio went out a few years later and now the range rover navigation upgrade is down although I believe the screen technically works.

I put in the range rover android head unit with friend and local master euro mechanic Brandon (if you are in Denver and need a mobile land rover mechanic, I’ll get you in touch) in part 1.  But without the audio it was compelling how important audio is to car audio even with all of the increasingly visual information.

I set out to get the rear screens hooked up and the amp I would end up running the highs through.  I accomplished both of those over 2 days not without drama though as I initally cut some wires that looked like speaker twisted pair but turned out to be the speed sensor wires. After Ali braved the codes and went to work I finished the project on day two although I always think about ways to make things better so there may be a part 3 which will be running additional speaker cables to the front to run a three way crossover (as planned) to the front versus using the factory splitter for the mids/tweeter, running a backup camera, and running an FM antenna.  However, getting the speakers and amp hooked up was a fairly intense day so let’s cover it.

I ran RCA’s from the headunit (HU) to the back with the remote-on signal which is not terrible except for the pillar behind the front row.  Those you have to pop off and they are somewhat difficult to get back on.

I removed the old amp, cut the wires to it and started testing speakers with a 9-volt battery.  Noting correct polarity when the speaker actuated outward.  I found no information about the speaker codes so I will add some to the internet world in the future.

I then installed the AMP by running a short fused lead to the battery lead in the rear right compartment of the L322.  I wired up a ground, the remote on and 4-channels from the AMP to the cross-overs.  I am a firm believer in good cross-overs for sound quality.  If I ever started a sound company xovers would be paramount since they filter out waves that make even a great speaker sound poor.

I then wired the speakers to the crossovers.  At this point I started to run down speakers on the 2006 that no longer work by popping off door cards (I love the pop) and checking wiring.

I upgraded the front speakers with infiniti reference 6.5″ +1 component woofers.  I noted the old front woofers seemed to be made of paper with foam surrounds whilst the other speakers I noted were aluminum with rubber surrounds… Interesting — I wonder if these are all poor or if they were replaced with compatible but lower quality speakers.  TL:DR upgrading the front woofers on the 2006 Range Rover stereo seemed to be a great place to start.

We rode out to dinner and I was rewarded with a bunch of beer and steak at outback.  Everyone was singing along which made it all worth it.

The crossovers with Hifonics “1000 watt” A/B class amp created an environment where the speakers performed enthusastically.

So far it cost approximately:

  • $100 for the amp
  • $60 for the crossovers (if you want to use stock wiring use a 2-way xover for the front).
  • $30 double din dash mount kit
  • $280 for a 2gb ram quad core android head unit
  • $200 for headunit install at Brandon




  1. I was wondering how to get in touch with this Brandon that helped you. I am not far from Denver.

  2. Is there any chance you can tell me the wiring colors for each door? I’m stuck and can’t seem to track anything down. Huge thanks in advance! Btw. I have an 03 hse w logic 7 system.

    Thanks again!

  3. Antraun Franklin

    Where did you buy the wire harness for the 2006 Range Rover HSE???

    I’m trying to install a double din in mines and can’t find the wire harness for nothing…

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