imageThe Jaguar Land Rover Range Rover has had the timing chain tensioners redesigned and have had reported issues with the timing chain tensioners on various forums including “timing chain shot at 44k?” and on  This issue happened to me, immediately proceeding I was in a parking lot in wal-mart.  When I got back in the car was much louder especially at idle.  I knew something was wrong.  I drove her home and began to look up how to take care of her.  After getting a few quotes around 8-12 hours and 2500 from independents (did not include a new chain and retiming) and over “7,000 dollars” from Land Rover Flat Irons.  I took to the internet and decided to look for Land Rover mechanics to hire directly to fix the car in my garage.

The Timing Chain Tensioners are a new style with new guides, however, I would also recommend replacing the opposing side guides which are static and made out of plastic (pictured above).  Mine made it to 88,000 miles and less than 6 years before the failure of the timing chains.  The first set of tensioners didn’t deploy so I had to buy a second set and return the first.

It took a while to get her back on the road, as we retimed her 3 times and I still have a P0366 to tackle.  We also put in a solid supercharger coupler and new nose drive bearings as well.  I also took this opportunity to put in a new water pump which have been reported to fail on these too.  I went with an aftermarket unit and found that the previous work on the water pump the tech stripped the threading so Brandon re-drilled and tapped it.

It costs about $3500 to do the work by hiring a mechanic to do it directly however, many prayers were needed and lots of faith over 3 months of not having her.   In the middle of retiming her on multiple occasions praying to Jesus provided comfort and rest versus restlessness.


  1. Do you have any details on the supercharger coupler removal DIY?

  2. can you give me Brandon the mechanic info

  3. Hi,

    I’ve had the timing tensioners replaced on my 5.0 SC RR and am getting P0366 issues intermittently. Interested to know if you’ve since resolved P0366 issue.

    thank you

  4. It is tough. Basically I came to the conclusion the timing issue is in part due to the cam sprocket torque and that you need more torque than is specified, about 34 pound feet vs 22 or so indicated. Best of luck!

  5. I think the cam sprocket bolts need to be torqued to 34 pound feet versus whatever was specified, and you need two people to do it right. I have noticed Land Rover techs are willing to talk about the issue so you may be able to catch one and talk to them at the dealership.

    They have also updated the sensors and the sensor connectors (make sure you get the new connectors with the sensors — they should be provided). They are a new design. The sensors seem pretty flakey. I washed some of them off with alcohol and I think they did not like that.

    I did drive several hundred miles on a sensor error with little ill effect.

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